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Apr 28, 2017

The Twisted Ten Show Notes

Brent and John from Hysteria 51 Podcast bring us an awesome list with a really cool and unexpected twist. Top Ten Government Related Conspiracies with a Twist

Hysteria 51 Podcast



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Apr 19, 2017

The Twisted Ten Show Notes:
Kari Simms from Blazing Caribou Studios joins us this week to bring our listeners her list of celebrities that appeared on Law and Order. The Twist for this episode is that all of these celebrities later became stars on a comic or
superhero movie.

Blazing Caribou Studios

Apr 5, 2017

Episode 48 - The Twisted Ten

- Mr. Kevin Allison joins us this week from his home in New York. Kevin hosts a podcast called RISK! that focuses each episode on an individual's own story. Some comical, some emotional and some shocking! Kevin deep dives into his memory to find ten of the most memorable stories from RISK!