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Mar 28, 2017

Episode 47
The Twisted Ten

- Tach invited an awesome guest for this week's episode. Ash Blodgett Skypes into studio, and in the fashion of her Podcast 'Let's Drink', to bring us her Top Ten Weirdest Drinks You Can Find In The World

Ash Blodgett's Social Media

Ash Blodgett's YouTube

Mar 23, 2017

Episode 46
The Twisted Ten

- Our very own Tach as well as an original founder of Living Podcariously, Ron Canniff, bring us a list based entirely off their podcast called 'You're 40 Now What'! The top ten people who didn't hit success until after 40.

You're 40 Now What?



Mar 9, 2017

Episode 45
The Twisted Ten

- One of our listeners wanted to come on an episode of The Twisted Ten. Since we allow anyone in studio who wants to bring their list (listeners, guests, sponsors, etc.), Xavier hit us up and brings a stellar Top Ten.


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Mar 1, 2017

Episode 44
The Twisted Ten

Episode 44 - Dan Cummins with Top Ten Wild West Outlaws

- Our new friend, Dan Cummins brings us an amazing list of Wild West Outlaws.  Similar to his podcast Timesuck, Dan digs deep into his research archives and brings us some of the most hardened, brutal and short-lived villains and outlaw...